Families Restored

Families are being restored through Hear My Voice's unique program. HMV has created a person centered program that focuses on empowering each individual, one person at a time. The skills attained through our program translates into restoring broken bonds within the family unit.

Freedom & Liberty

Hear My Voice, Inc. is dedicated to liberating the voice of each victim of trauma. Our program is designed to unveil the authentic voice of each participant, relinquishing the pain and guilt associated with each traumatic experience. 

Restoration & Empowerment

Hear My Voice is passionate about restoring and empowering the authentic voice of women whom have experienced trauma. Our program provides women with the strength and the courage to overcome life's defeats. We are dedicated to exploring the inner man, and assisting with raising self awareness.

About Us

Hear My Voice is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization dedicated to providing services to a diverse group of women who have been traumatized from sexual assault and abuse, loss and  postpartum depression .

Our Services

Hear My Voice, Inc provides an array of services for women suffering from the effects of trauma. Our service include: Supportive and Group Counseling, Seminars/Workshops, Life Skills Training, Community Resource Referral and Mentoring. 

Meet Our Team

Our team in compiled of a diverse group of experienced professionals. All member are passionate about our mission and the services we provide.



HMV provides participates with community based resources that assists with enhancing the quality of life for each person served.


We begin blogging to provide victims with a sense of hope, throughout their process. Each blog is written to ensure women whom experienced trauma that they are not alone. We are sharing our life experiences and igniting"food for thought" to encourage others to share their experiences without fear.

Contact Us

Click "Contact Us" or email us at admin@hmvinc.org for questions regarding our services. Our Team Members will contact you within 48 hours .

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Hear My Voice, Inc (DBA) HMV is a registered 501(C) (3) Non-Profit Organization