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Iesha Rosenboro

Co-Founder, Co-President


phone: 240-232-2103


Iesha Rosenboro, was born and raised in Metropolitan area. She obtained a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology from Bowie State University. Mrs. Rosenboro is currently pursing a Masters degree in Counseling Psychology. She has worked in the human services field for over 10 years and enjoys serving her community. Mrs. Rosenboro is the co-founder of Hear My Voice, Inc., a program catered to restoring and empowering a diverse group of women whom has experienced trauma. Iesha currently resides in Waldorf Maryland with her loving husband and three very special boys.


Jeremiah 29:11 (NIV): "For I know the pans I have for you, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."

Ijenna Aluko

Co-Founder, Co-President


phone: 240-232-2798


Mrs. Ijenna Aluko received her Bachelor's in Psychology at Bowie State University and is currently pursuing he Masters in Counseling Psychology. Mrs. Aluko has had the opportunity of working in the mental health field for more than 10 years and has a great experience working with varied populations. Some of these populations include men and women in jail, the homeless population, troubled youths in our society and special need adults. She is currently a member of the ACA Association. On her free time, she loves to give and volunteer services to non-profit organizations.


Mrs. Aluko birthed Hear My Voice after a tragic experience in her life "the loss of a child". During this period, Mrs. Aluko experienced one of the darkest moments in her life and longed for her voice to be heard. Through a great support team, Mrs. Aluko overcame and is currently a living example on what great support and ministry can do in one's life. Today, Mrs. Aluko resides in Maryland with her son and husband of many years.

Board of Directors

Our Board of Directors is composed of (3) different influential community leaders. The board will be very devisive in our business decisions and management.

  • Helps to develop strategies to initiate and meet fundraising goals.
  • Develops fundraising training for committee members

Dr. Rosalyn V. Green

Rosalyn V. Green, Ph.D., is a captivating speaker who reaches the heart of her audiences and pushes them to their full potential. Dr. Green is currently an Associate Professor at Bowie State University and the Adjunct Professor at Capella University, The Union Institute, and previously for the Alfred Adler Institute of Minnesota and Bowie State University.

  • B.S. in Elementary Education, Bowie State University
  • M.S. in Special Education, Bowie State University
  • Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, The Union Institute.

Wendy B. Pitts

Experienced Mental Health Therapist with an extensive background in individual and group counseling addressing the needs of adolescents and children. Experience working in schools, homes, and office settings with clients of diverse ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds. Member of the School Improvement Team, Behavior Support Team, Crisis Intervention Team and Family Involvement Team.

  • MSDE Certified School Social Worker
  • Master of Social Work
  • Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

Ebony Landon

Extensivele and goal-oriented Real Estate professional with a background in property management, finance, and lease administration. Proven expertise in driving efficiency and productivity through evaluation of financial management systems and implementation of process improvements. Talented leader directing highly skilled lease administration teams, project coordination teams, and maintenance teams to support achievement of overall corporate goals and objectives.

  • Bachelor of Arts, James Madison University
  • MBA, University of Maryland University College

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