Supportive& Group Counseling

Hear My Voice provides short-term counseling for accepted applicants. Each session will be guided by the following techniques: Active listening, Empathy, and providing guidance in the areas of work, home, finances, and health.


Seminars will be provided at the end of each 12 week program, providing each participant with a ray of hope and empowerment to complete their individual journey. These groups will be designed to provide group members with additional support for daily living.

Life Skills Training

HMV's Life Skills training enhances basic skills and helps participants identifiy their outstanding needs. This program also provides information needed to obtain and retain community based employment. Enhancing social and emotional skills, values, and support systems needed to maintain a balanced professional, personal and family life. Our Life Skills training is designed to will prevent suicide, mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse. This service fosters an influx of participation in peer and community groups.


Mentors will be assigned upon entry, and will serve as guides throughout HMV's program. Mentoring sessions will be scheduled based upon each person's need of service.

"I’ve learned that even when I have pains, I don’t have to be one."

-Maya Angelou

Want to Participate in our Program?

Please call us at: 240-232-2103, 240-232-2798 or fill out our participant registration form.


Hear My Voice, Inc.

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